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Letters & Follow Up

Hi Jack, it's been a long time since I've talked with you! I think you'll remember when we adopted David, way back in 1994. He was David Lyman at the time. Now, he is David Nunes. We have always treated David just like our own 3 children, no different. He has had a nice life with us. I have to say, all of you really matched us well. We helped him and he in turn helped me, very much, when I was diagnosed with Br. Cancer 3 years ago. My family loved David and my parents, who have since passed, adored him. He loved them so much. They were the first grandparents that he ever really had. I can remember, you putting us up at Town Sq, in N.H. A lot of my family was there and David picked the number of the lucky Volvo winner! I remember meeting Marcy and hanging out with her and Anne Jaffarian at Waterville Valley. We all had such a good time! Well, I just remembered that you and I have the same birthday, so I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, on Oct. 29th, from David and I. Also, as fate would have it, my granddaughter Nikki Nunes, ended up interning for you at WBZ-TV while in college. Nikki was very surprised when I told her David's story. She was little at the time when we got him...At her graduation party, I got to meet Ricky Wolfe and Meredith B. Ricky is on my FB page. What a small world! I did tell Ricky to say Hello to you. I don't know if he did. I want to thank you again, for David, I couldn't picture my life without him. Also, David has the highest respect for you, too, and sends you his love. Would love to talk to you sometime!
Love, Carol and David Nunes

PS - I am in remission now and doing well. I went into that whole ordeal blind , but just kept the Faith and a good attitude and never thought about dying. It worked! The American Cancer Society wants me to be a spokeswoman for them, now. If it saves one person, it will be worth it! I've had 51 Chemo's and 33 Radiation! ~ C

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